Prospects for the Future

Sava, the artisan’s successors are determined to keep and cherish the family tradition of artistic gilding eight decades long. His followers are his son Dragomir, his daughter-in-law Biljana and grandson Dimitrije.As a representative of the third generation in the family, Dimitrije has already stepped into the world of gilding with his first gilded shoes. With God’s help, he hopes to be more successful than his mentors.

The training of future gilders will continue at the Workshop while operating in the close cooperation with the Temple of St Sava. In that way, this old artistic trade will never sink into oblivion in Serbia. Some of the future tasks comprise the gilding restoration of various museum items and private collections, which are nice to see and artistically valuable.

A  new exhibition of  the unique gilding items is in preparation and the publication about the Workshop will be published in the nearest future. The preparations for working abroad are in progress with the main intention to make our places of worship recognizable for their beauty and spiritually closer to the whole world.

St Simeon the Outpourer of Myrrh, the Protector of the Workshop, is going to be celebrated  furtheron (26/23, September), with prayers for our new sanctities to be decorated by gilding more skillfully and with more faith, and for our old sanctities to regain their former splendor.