Sava,the artisian

Sava, the artisan, was born in Pec, into the family of his father Luka, a former monk at the Patriarchate of Pec, and his mother Petra. He became engaged in the trade of gilding in 1927.He was an apprentice and a journeyman in the employment of Karl Hofinger, the Viennese craftsman.He took part in all the artistic activities performed at the court of the Karageorge dynasty, decorated the Church in Oplenac and worked at the National Museum in Belgrade most of his life.Being the real master of gilding, he was the only craftsman from these parts who was invited to decorate Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna with gold leaves. His Holiness Pavle, the patriarch of Serbia, awarded the founders of this workshop the medal of St Sava for everything they have done so far.