Today’s activities

Today, the Artistic Gilding Workshop Dimitrijevic works in the close cooperation with the Temple of St Sava in Belgrade. For generations, the gilders in this family,together with the associates, have been developing fully their masterly skills here. They have been doing the gilding restorations of period furniture, frames and antiques coming from different periods.At the top of all their previous activities is the gilding of eighteen crosses placed on the biggest Serbian temple, of the two-headed eagle which has its place on the Old Palace and of the great crosses which can be seen on the Temples in Pristina ,Podgorica and Banja Luka. They performed various gilding operations for many monasteries, such as the monastery of Hilandar, Studenica,Ravanica,Milesevo, Kovilj, Sopocani, Tresija, Nikolje, Vavedenje, Koporin, for many churches, like Holy Ascension Church, The Church of the Mother of God, St Basil of Ostrog Church, for St Petka and St Simeon the Outpourer of Myrrh Chapels.They are engaged in ecclesiastical gilding primarily with love.